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The students of St Joseph’s School have an excellent reputation for valuing and respecting the traditions of the school community. It is essential for the unity of the school that the school uniform, as an external expression of these values and respect, is worn correctly and with pride.

Students not following the school guidelines for dress standards will be sent a note to rectify the situation.

    Skorts: Navy embroidered with St Joseph's Biloela emblem Blouse: Checkered blouse with navy collar and embroidered emblem Shoes: Plain black leather lace-up shoes
    Shorts: Navy embroidered with St Joseph's Biloela emblem Shirt: Blue formal button shirt with St Joseph's Biloela embroidered emblem Shoes: Plain black leather lace-up shoes
    Shirt: Navy blue front panel with light blue sides with navy collar, emblem on front left Shorts: Navy as for day uniform The following items are worn with all uniform variations by Boys and Girls: Hat: Bucket hat, navy blue with emblem Socks: Short Navy blue Shoes: Black, Lace up leather (all distinguishing colour features to be blacked out)
    During winter, students are to wear a plain, unbranded navy blue zip-up jacket or pull-over jumper, in conjunction with the appropriate day or sport uniform.
    Please note that jewellery is not to be worn to school. The only exception is a religious medal and a watch in upper classes. Girls who have pierced ears are to wear studs, not sleepers. Playground games and jewellery do not mix. Fingernails should be trimmed to finger tip length. – no nail polish Hair longer than shoulder length must be tied back with ribbons or bands either blue or white in colour. We will not accept any unusual hairstyles at St Joseph’s. As general guidelines the following need to be understood: Natural colours in the hair. (Bleached/unnatural colours are not acceptable) No unusual cuts (e.g. shaved hair or undercuts) For boys… gauge 2 upwards For girls… hair below shoulder length must be tied. Only white/blue/gold hair ribbons or ties are acceptable. No tracks or similar hair lines Hair is to be neat and tidy at all times


St Joseph's Biloela school uniforms are available through your local Rockhampton Lowes store, or online here.

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