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At St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, we're blessed to have highly-trained professional teachers and staff who respect the students and are always approachable. Our current staff members include;

St Joseph's Biloela Administration


 Principal - Tina Knight

 Assistant Principal: Religion - 

Melissa Zahnleiter

School Cirriculum Officer

Collette Stone

Parish Priest - Fr Simeon Uchendu

Administration Officer -  Jo Boothby

Financial Officer - Kim Kingsnorth

Kindergarten Director - Sharon Hage

St Joseph's Biloela Teachers


Prep - Melissa Zahnleiter/Monica Chapman

Year 1 - Ashton Hudson

Year 2 - Amy Brown

Year 3 - Darna Gardiner

Year 4 - Phoebe Platts

Year 5 - Collette Stone/Caitlin Munro

Year 6 - Tania Bode

 Arts-  Annette Rideout

Numeracy Skills - Leanne Suttle

Learning Support - Sue Chalk 

Release Teacher - Leanne Suttle 

St Joseph's Biloela Ancillary Staff


Teacher Assistant -   Petrina Halberstater /  Tracy Naish /  Silke Meyer / Katie Muller / Michelle Harth / Meghan Wilton / Kaylene Howard / Delmay Bennett / Michaela Reimer / Tash McDonald / Sandy Oram/ Louise Dittman / Katrina Dearling / Holly Daniels / Phillipa Meissner


Librarian - Katrina Anderson 

School Cleaner - Julie Davies

Groundsperson - Sandy Oram

Tuckshop Coordinator - Tash Sheppard

Kindergarten Assistant - Renee Dillion / Dusty Johnson

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