St Joseph's Biloela Our School


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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Biloela provides quality teaching and learning for students from Prep to Year Six. The school seeks to develop the wholeness of the child in all aspects of growth.


St Joseph’s school provides:

  • A safe and secure learning environment based on Making Jesus Real

  • Quality teaching and learning, including specialist programmes in music, choir, LOTE and physical education

  • An emphasis on computing (laptops, iPads, IWB) and the integration of information technology into the curriculum.

  • A real sense of care and community where every child is valued

  • An educational partnership with families and the wider community

  • High expectations for student conduct and presentation

Vision St Joseph’s Biloela


At St Joseph’s School Biloela, we envisage that our school curriculum will shape and produce critical and creative self-directed learners who strive for excellence, actively participate within their community, and show justice, integrity and compassion to all.

St Joseph's Biloela Mission


St Joseph’s School exists to provide quality Catholic Education, to do our best for God and country.

We, the community of St Joseph’s Catholic School make Jesus real by respecting and encouraging one another, striving for excellence in education and sharing our gifts in the service of others.



Our school motto of ‘Our Best for God and Country’ encapsulates the key aspects of the Christian message of loving and respecting God and His creation.

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Prayer is an intergal part of the life of a Catholic school. 

Students are taught prayers as part of the 

Religious Education programme and they are invited to partcipate in a wide variety of other prayer experiences throughout their school life. 

It is our hope that throughout these experiences students will learn to understand prayer as a way of developing a close personal relationship with God. 




In keeping with the charism and influence of the Mercy Order, the members of the

St Joseph's Biloela community work together to support those who are in need of assistance and wider community through service projects and outreach. 

Classes are encouraged to take on appropriate Social Justice and service projects during the year guided by Catholic Social Teaching Principles. 

Our School community strives to continue Catherine McAuley's legacy of Mercy showing God's loving kindness and compassion to all. 


St Joseph's enjoys a close and positive partnership with the Valley's Region Parish. The school's Religious Education Programme is carried out within the wider Parish and Diocesan environment and vision, with the explicit purpose of engaging young people in their ever- deepening personal faith commitment. 

Sacramental preparation of children is family is family based in the Rockhampton Diocese. 

Knowledge of the sacraments is taught at school in appropriate class levels and according to the Diocesan guidelines. 

Students preparing for the Sacraments are supported by both Parish and School personnel. 

Inquires concerning Sacramental preparation should be referred to the Parish Office or the School APRE.