In previous years, as a school we would have celebrated Catholic Education Week in a very different way to 2020. Normally we have our St Joseph’s Family Race Day to begin the celebrations and also a Catholic Education Week Mass followed by a picnic on the school grounds with our St Joseph’s community. We would usually also put up wonderful displays in the local shopping centre to promote Catholic Education and what we love about it. This year, with COVID-19 and the many restrictions in place regarding parents coming into the school grounds, we decided to use our St Joseph’s facebook page as a way of sharing what each of our classes are up to this term. We hope parents had the opportunity to see the terrific photos and information shared by the teachers and their classes. Many people and local businesses in the Biloela community and beyond also benefitted from the many random acts of kindness this week.

Although parents and parishioners could not attend, the students were able to go to the church for Mass (Yr 4-6) and a Liturgy (Prep – Yr 3) to celebrate Catholic Education. Thank you to Mrs Knight and Mrs Wells for organising these important events for the school community. It was wonderful to attend Mass with the students again.

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